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Are you a fan of streetfood and craving smoky burger during lunch or simply want to try something tasty nearby? Food Truck Finder is a free mobile app that helps you find and follow the best food trucks in your city. Food truckers are ready to serve you their specialities! It’s time to jump on board! Download an app and enjoy this new and fun way to eat through your city.

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Connecting foodies & foodtrucks

Are you a food truck owner? How do customers find you? Food Truck Finder is perfect solution for you! It helps you to be just an app from your custommers. Tell them, where are you located and ready to serve them the taste of your creativity. From now on, more food lovers can get your smoky burgers, sendvich or snack with a flavour of international cousine. Food Truck Finder is new, fun and the best way to eat through the city. What are you waiting for? It’s time to jump on board!

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